A Course

Taste of Thailand

Wednesday, 11 Apr 2018

Time: 11:00am - 2:30pm

noodlesWe will be creating a feast of Thai Favorites, which are easy quick and flavorsome; we will be making Thai pastes flavored rice’s and discovering new vegetables, flavors and mastering Thai cooking techniques.

Red Thai Beef Curry & Coconut Rice
Green Thai Curry & Lime Rice
Massaman Fish Curry & Green Rice
Chicken Satay & Asian Salad
Penang Chicken
Phad Thai
Sesame Tofu with Ginger Rice

The day starts with morning coffee in the demo kitchen followed by the demonstration of all the dishes you will be cooking. Full hands on cooking throughout the day in your own kitchens at your own pace with a break for lunch. All the dishes you create will be taken home.

Also during the day we will demonstrate,
Knife sharpening & knife skills
Seasonings and balancing flavors
Kitchen know-how and handy shortcuts
Timing and preparation skills.

Price Of Course:

Per Person £ 65.00

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