Jam Packed Autumn


harvest-plenty-658x350Sunday 6th September, we are running a jam and chutney cookery course I have been up the plum tree and have eaten more than I should have,even Lola my dog was chomping on ripe plums, who,d have thought dogs eat plums.We have gorgeous sweet grapes from my sisters vine and than I went pilfering the poly tunnel for mums fabulous tomatoes,onions,horseradish,herbs,garlic and golden beets.All ready for Sundays Jam course.

September is my favourite month it,s a harvest festival on the farm and even my brother the grumpy farmer looks a little less harassed as he sees the finish line with his combined harvester.
The cookery school has been painted and looks spectacular, the moors are purple with the heather and there is still warmth in the ground, We have a autumn of amazing cookery courses, come and see for yourself.

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