New things


After a fabulous Christmas we had rain oh boy did it rain, it turned the roads around the farm to rivers and my gorgeous little sheep and their shed had to be moved due to colossal amounts of water and mud. We made the shelter as snug as possible and had to evict the rain hating hens on neumerous occasions.
Other than very soggie sheep, chicken and my little dog, Jennie and i have painted the demo kitchen and hall and it is the whitest of white just ready for this weekends cookery courses to start. We are ready to kick off a new year of exiting cookery courses.
Another new addition is the web site, updated to look sleek and gorgeous and compatible with computers tablets and telephones, featuring our blog ,course calendar, online booking and payment and of course our shop with all its gourmet foods,gift boxes and vouchers. Have a gallop around the new site , check out our amazing cookery courses and come and enjoy a fabulous day cooking.

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